European Spinal Psychologists Association

Bringing psychologists in spinal cord injury together

Across 22
nations worldwide
Over 11
conferences to date

Our Core Missions

Founded by Professor Paul Kennedy, Dr Peter Lude, and Dr Magnus Elfström in 2005, ESPA has become a thriving organisation with members in over 22 nations. ESPA hosts a scientific conference every 2 years and aims to bring awareness on the 4 core missions ESPA & it's members represent.
Bringing Psychologists in Spinal Cord Injury Together
Supporting the Development and Dissemination of Psychological Knowledge About Spinal Cord Injury
Sharing Clinical and Psychological Practice and Promoting the Highest Standards of Care
Facilitating Clinical Research Through Providing a Collaborative Network - Across Nation and Culture

ESPA currently has members in over 22 countries.

Joining ESPA will connect you with psychologists and practitioners from across the world, enable you to be in touch with the latest clinical and research developments, and provide you with a network of support. We're a welcoming group who believe we're all enhanced when we work together.
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🏘️Un informe de la @FundacionMdP revela que el 87% de los edificios de viviendas en España requieren adaptaciones para mejorar su accesibilidad.

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Great start to day two as @KMonden presents her innovative clinical intervention using biofeedback to reduce symptoms of anxiety @ESPAspinal @StewartsLawLLP @maartenskliniek

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  • “ESPA is the only conference where every talk or poster is relevant to my daily work on the SCIC. Other conferences are interesting, but this one makes a tangible difference, to my knowledge, to my patient education groups, and to my confidence as a professional in a specialist service. Thank you.”
    eESPA 2021
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  • “There is nowhere else that the opportunity arises to talk to so many people from across the world, with such a wealth of experience and knowledge, who make you feel part of the group.”
    eESPA 2021
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  • “• It is a wonderful group of psychologists with a lot of experience in spinal cord injury. The atmosphere is very friendly and the quality of the scientific and clinical work is excellent.”
    Dublin 2022
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  • “This conference is the only one of its kind, directly relevant to my role as a Clinical Psychologist working in Spinal Injury and my attendance at this conference three years ago has benefited the Spinal Injury Unit in which I work.”
    Dublin 2022
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